I have made the decision to write more.

I rarely write on this blog, not due to a lack of ideas, but due to a lack of interest. The interest I feel any reader would fail to have. This is a form of writers block I suppose. Anytime an idea comes to mind, I convince myself the idea isn’t interesting enough (or technically deep enough) to earn the right to be presented here. If its almost as if my mental bar of quality is so high, nothing can ever surpass it.

To write more.

I’ll be attacking this goal from two angles.

The first, to write entries for personal use in Day One. These will be short entries mainly to practice the exercise of writing itself.

The second angle comes in the form of this blog. The purpose of this blog was originally to be a place to share technical thoughts, lessons, and discoveries. So that is what I will do here.

The promise.

This isn’t a promise I’m making to myself. Not like a resolution where one states “I will write at least two posts a week”, which often fails after the second week. This promise is in the form of allowing myself to hit the save button.

I promise not to hold my writing or ideas to such a high standard that stops them from ever being created (in the form of a post anyway).