Happy New Year 2015

Jan 01 2015, the typical reinvent yourself day. Well, I’m no different from anyone else I suppose. I’ve decided to start running, starting today, everyday. My wife suggested I only shoot for 4 days out of the week, etc. I feel like that is a very slippery slope. Its too easy to say “I’ve got a few more days in this week, I’ll go tomorrow.” Everyday means there is no room for procrastination. Hopefully once I hit a streak of a few days, I’ll be afraid to break the streak and just keep going. We’ll see.

On the other side of things, I want to do that normal new year cleaning. Write more. Get more efficient work flows. Strive for minimalism. Etc etc. I recently wrote a blog post about writing more, and just getting things out there. Of course I’ve not posted a single thing since then.

Raspberry Pi. Very cool. My wife got me one for Christmas, and I’ve been playing with it a bit over the break. I find two things very exciting about it. One is the easy of writing code to effect hardware that you’ve built using a breadboard. This is due to the amazing GPIO. The second is the power demands. Being able to power a “computer” with a few AA batteries or a portable cell phone re-charger is amazing. Because of this I’ve been looking into Python a bit. I’ve never looked into it before because I couldn’t stand its use of while space. Playing with it now why it is what it is, but it feels a bit like “power bash” right now, not a real language. I’ve build a few projects and grabbed a motion sensor (PIR) to make a cool little date and weather announcement when I enter my office every morning.